Our Stories

My     Testimony    - Knowledge K, 

I become a Baptist Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ) Orphan Care beneficiary in 2010 when I began my secondary education. Since that time, the BUZ Orphan Care never missed any school term without paying for my school fees and in addition they also paid registration fees for me to sit for National Examinations. I successfully wrote my O’ Level and A ‘Level exams and in some cases, you assisted me with stationery for my studies. In 2017, I enrolled at the Lupane State University to pursue a Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours Degree in Development Studies.

Becoming a Development Practitioner has always been my dream in life. The financial assistance made it much easier for me to focus on my studies, and it has put me on a path to greatness. It is my great pleasure to inform you that I completed my studies and I excelled with a distinction. Later this year I will be graduating with a First-Class Degree in Development Studies.

I would also like to thank the donors Send Relief who provide funding to the BUZ Orphan Care Programme so that they can provide a lifeline to people like me. Thank you for helping me attain one of my greatest dreams. Words are not enough to express my appreciation for your support. You have preached the gospel of giving in words and in deed. You have inspired me in many ways, one of which is to give something back to the church through scholarships for the less privileged students.



My Testimony Seneliso

My name is a Seneliso Mpofu, a girl born in a family of four girls. My childhood was one filled with sorrowful and painful events, growing up without knowing my father as he passed away when I was young. My mother was the oldest in her family and all the responsibility fell on her to take care of her younger siblings’ children who were late. This brought a lot of struggles in our lives, growing up in a poverty stricken community; my mother struggled to fend for all of us. As we grew up my sisters failed at school and some were not able to continue with their secondary education due to financial crisis and loss of motivation. However, my story became different by the Grace of God.

I was taken into the BUZ Orphan Care Programme as I began my secondary education as my mother could no longer pay the fees as she was not working. I became one of the beneficiaries of BUZ Orphan Care Programme from my secondary to the tertiary level. My life is a testimony and many people have been amazed by the grace of God upon my life. BUZ took me through my secondary and tertiary education, and I have been empowered both spiritually and socially. Being educated was one of my dreams which has been fulfilled by the BUZ. Being the first girl in my family to get educated has motivated and inspired other children within my family, community and church to also pursue education.

Despite being an orphan I have achieved and progressed to a level which my other peers could only wish for. Growing up in an extended family where most of children in the family where orphans, BUZ became a shining light in my life. I am forever grateful and indebted to the BUZ family and the donors they work with to make the School fees project a success. I pray that God blesses me so that I will also reach out to the disadvantaged children and touch their lives as BUZ did in my life. Throughout my college life, my fees was paid on time and in full, which always motivated me to do the best and excel in my studies. The verse which always encouraged me comes from Philippians 4 verse 13, - “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.

On the 13th of September 2019 I graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with an Honours Degree in Social work. Even as I have finished my undergraduate studies I look forward to the life ahead of me, because he who began a good work in my life shall bring it unto completion.







My name is Tafumanei Zvenyika, I am a young man aged 21. I grew up in in the rural areas in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. I am the first born in a family of three children.

 During most of my formative years my father was a pensioner, so he operated a small business in order to make a living. It was a grinding-mill project which used to earn modest profits such that he managed to send my siblings and me to school. In 2012, my father passed away, and my mother who was unemployed struggled to make ends meet. My father’s ex-wife came back after the death of my father demanding all the property including the grinding-mill and the pension. From then everything turned upside down for me. We were kicked out of our home and we were left with nothing.

 My mother just managed to build one small hut which we are currently sharing as a family. She tried to raise money for us to continue with our education but she failed. My half brothers and sisters were not interested in me and they refused to pay for me to go to school, a situation which forced me to drop out.

 For two years I looked for odd jobs to help take care of our family and raise money to complete my education. In 2014 I raised enough money to sit for my O-Level examinations. I passed with flying colours and my teachers encouraged me to continue with my studies to Advanced Level at the school.

 In 2015 I joined the Baptist Church and I was advised to apply for school fees assistance, under the BUZ Orphan Care Programme. Fortunately, I got the assistance for the period 2015 to 2016, so I went to school and managed to complete my studies. In 2015 my family also joined the church after giving their lives to Christ and just seeing God’s faithfulness at work in my life.

I am grateful for the Baptist Church and the Orphan Care programme, they have shown me great kindness by helping me pursue my dreams and I now have a bright future. I am currently studying Agricultural Engineering at the Chinhoyi University of Technology, I am in my second year. I hope that I will continue to get financial assistance to cover my tertiary studies. In the future I would like to work with the BUZ to assist other under privileged groups such as widows and orphans.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________             TESTIMONY -  CHRISTMAS CHIRIKURE

My name is Christmas Chirikure, a beneficiary of the BUZ Orphan Care Project.

My father passed away when I was at a tender age. Being the only child, my mother sent me to live with my grandparents because she was struggling to take care of me, she was seriously ill and could not work. I went to school and my grandparents paid the fees for me. When I wrote my grade 7 Examinations I had no hope that I would proceed to secondary school. I was active at my local church, in Buhera and I enjoyed singing and dancing. In 2013 when my grade 7 results came out I was surprised when pastor Tomu told me that the Baptist Church was going to pay my School fees. This was such a timely blessing; to this day I appreciate the B.U.Z Orphan Care Programme for such a good project.

They paid for me to enrol at the local High School, and for the past 5 years they have supported me. I am now in Form 6 at Vhiriri high school, this is my Final year at High School. I want to be exemplary to my fellow youngsters who are finding it difficult to make ends meet. After completing my education I wish to introduce Entrepreneurial skills to orphans and helpless children in my community so as to equip them and identify their talents for their survival.

Lastly I would like to thank Mr. Mutingwende, Mrs Matiashe, Pastor Tomu Jambaya and the Baptist donors from Ireland and the United States of America for standing with me in harsh conditions of my life thereby making me a better student among others.

May God bless you.