• The School fees project The School fees project was started in 2003, it was set up under the Orphan Care Programme to assist orphans by paying their tuition fees. To date over 600 children have benefitted from this project. Some have proceeded to colleges and Universities and have made something of their lives. This project has been a success because of generous support from our friends. At present over 200 children benefit from this project every year. Beneficiaries are orphans drawn from Baptist Churches around the country.
  • Sunday School

    The Orphan care programme runs the Church’s Children's Ministry, therefore it is responsible for training of the Sunday school teachers, the development of the curricula and the materials used in the classes. All children are encouraged to participate as we believe that all children should have a good Christian foundation which is founded in learning about the gospel from an early age. The lessons and activities at Sunday school build up to Bible Quiz which is held annually in every province.

  • Uniforms & Stationery

    When the Orphan care programme was started several years ago children who could not afford to buy uniforms were given a set once a year, this was because some of the beneficiaries could not even afford a decent pair of shoes and would walk long distances in the cold and the rain. However over the years the programme’s reach has grown and more children need tuition support we can no longer afford to buy uniforms. Stationery that we give out is usually in the form of exercise books and pencils when we get donations in kind from our generous partners and sponsors.

  • Nutritional Support
  • Thanks to the generous support from our donors we have been giving nutritional support to orphans who come from poor backgrounds. Particularly those who are double orphans (have lost both parents). A food hamper was created to give to those in need; beneficiaries receive a few basic items on a monthly basis, these include; Mealie meal, cooking oil, dried meat, rice, beans and sugar. We believe assisting children by paying for their tuition is important but it is crucial for children to have something to eat before going for classes, so that food goes a long way. Around 50 children receive hampers every month.