The Zvavahera Baptist Sewing Club was formed in June 2016 and began sewing uniforms for sale in November 2016. The club currently has 18 members, 10 fully trained individuals and 8 trainees. The BUZ Orphan Care encouraged members of the  club to come together and form a group which could start a livelihood project to help them raise income for themselves and to sustain their families. Some club members are people living with HIV, they are widowed and do not have extensive sewing training so they could not secure employment. The club makes use of sewing machines donated by the ABCI (Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland)

The project is also helping to raise funds towards the Construction of the Skills Centre by channeling some profits twards the fund. They are currently sewing school uniforms to sell to  8 of the surrounding schools in the area. The project intends to expand and produce protective clothing, church uniforms and sports uniforms for children.  



Our sewing project in pictures: